Plan For Your Appointment

Leave the work to us, our only requirement is that your hair be at least ¼” in length - longer is better! This is typically 2-3 weeks from the last time you shaved the area.


Come clean & dry, try to avoid body oils, lotions & artificial tanners the day of your appointment.


Exfoliate gently the day before to loosen up and ingrown hairs and remove excess skin. 


Wear loose clothing - friction can cause unnecessary discomfort post-wax.


Please arrive on time. We are fast but we would hate to have to reschedule you for being too late. After 10 minutes we may have to shorten your service or rebook you for another time. Thank you for understanding.


If an issue with your scheduled time arises please reach out to us to reschedule. 

We enforce the following cancellation policy: 


No charge for cancellations within 24 hours.


Late cancellations after the 24 hour period will result in a $10 charge.


No-Show appointments will result in a $20 charge.

Waxing Care


Does brazilian waxing hurt?

Marble Surface

There is no one else but Jenna that I trust to wax my eyebrows. She gives you a VIP experience and makes you feel like you are visiting one of your best girlfriends. Her expertise of sculpting my crazy eyebrows always flatter my face and make me feel amazing when I look in the mirror. If you have not scheduled yet with her you better do so. She's the best in the state!- Clancy S.

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