Waxing Services

Female Brazilian 

Whether you’re getting summer-ready or you just like to keep tidy, our brazilian wax is gentle and quick. After a quick consultation, your esthetician will remove as little or as much hair as you’d like

Male Brazilian 

We use the same quality in-house techniques for female and male anatomy, offering an inclusive and comfortable experience for everybody.

Bikini Wax

Our bikini wax cleans up any trouble areas outside of your swimsuit line.

Sack & Crack

Just as it sounds! Scrotum and inner glutes.

Brow Wax

Our brow mapping technique customizes your brow shape to match your face perfectly. The brow treatment also includes trimming, waxing, highlight and fill, and complimentary under-eye treatment.

Men’s Brow Wax 

Our Men’s Brow treatment is the same as women’s but without the highlight or fill.

Full Face- No Brows

Upper lip, chin, sides of face.

Brow Tint

Lasts about 3 weeks. Custom color mixed to compliment YOU. This is JUST a TINT. Please book Brow + Tint if you want waxing!

Full Arms

Shoulder to knuckles.

Half Arms

Shoulder to elbow or elbow to knuckles. You decide.

Full Legs

Bikini lines to toes.

Half Legs

Bikini line to just above the knee or just above the knee to toes. You decide.

Empire Body Waxing offers unparalleled quality waxes. For prices to match, check out our membership options! Or if you prefer more of a one-and-done deal, you can look at our individual prices. 

Marble Surface

There is no one else but Jenna that I trust to wax my eyebrows. She gives you a VIP experience and makes you feel like you are visiting one of your best girlfriends. Her expertise of sculpting my crazy eyebrows always flatter my face and make me feel amazing when I look in the mirror. If you have not scheduled yet with her you better do so. She's the best in the state!- Clancy S.

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